⚠️ What does this tutorial NOT contain?

A disclaimer before the main event starts

Welcome to the section where we clear up any misunderstandings before you dive in! Think of it as the disclaimer before the main event, like when they tell you not to try the stunts you see in action movies at home.

So, what can you expect from this tutorial? We'll cover how to connect Flutter and Rust to IOTA, but let's make it crystal clear what's not on the menu.

First, we won't go into detailed explanations of IOTA - we'll leave the philosophical musings to the experts.

Also, this tutorial assumes you've already got Xcode, Android Studio, Flutter, and Rust up and running, so we won't bore you with deep installation instructions. Yes, there are sections called "Set up", but please understand that I can't deeply dive in but only can give you the right links and useful hints.

And sorry, no teaching of Dart or Rust - I'll assume that it's on your bucket list and you know what you're doing!

Finally, I won't be exploring the proof-of-concept for Linux, Windows, browsers, or browser extensions - this ain't no Cirque du Soleil show. I am using a Mac and so my personal means are limited.

And don't expect any deployment or production readiness insights - we'll let you handle the red carpet rollout yourself.

So, now that we've cleared the air, let's get started. Grab your coffee, fire up your IDE and let's dive into the world of Flutter, Rust and IOTA!