Part 2: Android specific instructions

FRB Template App: Applying the modified Workflow.

Android steps

Generate the Dart Interface

Use this command (you need to be in the root of your project):

flutter_rust_bridge_codegen \
--rust-input rust/src/ \
--dart-output ./lib/bridge_generated.dart \
--dart-decl-output ./lib/bridge_definitions.dart \

Set up the Flutter Rust Bridge (2)

To install the cargo-ndk command use:

cargo install cargo-ndk

In android/app/build.gradle, fix error:

Replace GradleException by FileNotFoundException

In android/app/build.gradle, add at the bottom:

        Debug: null,
        Profile: '--release',
        Release: '--release'
].each {
    def taskPostfix = it.key
    def profileMode = it.value
    tasks.whenTaskAdded { task ->
        if ( == "javaPreCompile$taskPostfix") {
            task.dependsOn "cargoBuild$taskPostfix"
    tasks.register("cargoBuild$taskPostfix", Exec) {
        workingDir "../../rust"  // <-- ATTENTION: CHECK THE CORRECT FOLDER!!!
        environment ANDROID_NDK_HOME: "$ANDROID_NDK"
        commandLine 'cargo', 'ndk',
                '-t', 'arm64-v8a',
               '-o', '../android/app/src/main/jniLibs', 'build'
        if (profileMode != null) {
            args profileMode

I only included the ABI arm64-v8a from my Android Emulator.