Create Rust Docs

Documentation in Rust: Can be helpful, but ... crate docs can also be quite incomplete.

Another way to familiarize yourself with a library is to look at the documentation. With Rust, we can instantly create documentation based on the comments in the source code.

👉   The rustdoc book

There is the rustdoc command, but alternatively you can use cargo doc which uses rustdoc behind the scenes.

👉   The cargo book - cargo doc


By default, the rustdoc engine evaluates only the enabled features. To create the documentation that covers the whole code, use the option --all-features.

To include non-public items, use the --document-private-items flag.

All options are displayed by executing cargo doc --help.

So my favorite command is:

cargo doc --all-features --document-private-items --target-dir "rustdocs" --open

When you run the command, rustdoc will scan all files and create a working folder debug/ and an output folder doc/ inside the target directory. Depending on the number of scanned crates this might take a while.


Before running the above cargo doc ... command change to the client/ directory.

Sometimes you are facing unresolved links

When executing the command, I encountered a handful of error messages due to unresolved links. In rustdoc, links are indicated by square brackets [...]. Fortunately, fixing these issues is a breeze: simply remove the square brackets i.e. the link, and the problematic areas will be swiftly resolved.