Set up

Installing Visual Studio Code on your system.

Installing VS Code

Setting up Visual Studio Code

Install the latest stable version of VS Code:

👉   Download VS Code

The installation of extensions is optional and often a matter of personal work style. Below, I have listed a sample selection of extensions.

Flutter Extension

I recommend to install the Flutter Extension for VS Code. Read the section "Install the Flutter and Dart plugins" and follow the instructions:

👉   Set up an editor - Install the Flutter and Dart plugins

Additionally I have installed the Awesome Flutter Snippets extension:

Extension Awesome Flutter Snippets

Rust Extension

I am also using the rust-analyzer Extension for VS Code. Read the section "Install the rust-analyzer extension" and follow the instructions:

👉   Rust in Visual Studio Code


The Material Icon Theme extension provides pretty icons. It's up to you...

Extension Material Icon Theme